January 31, 2023


Call to Order 4:16 pm


Approval of Minutes – Keenan and Newman


Reports of Officers


  • Treasurer (Michelle Inserra) – 
    • Gen $17,435.12
    • Phil/Fund  $5,733.78


  • Pride Chair (Jen Phifer)
    • Speak Up Event 2/7 @ MS 
    • Almost used all of our money


  • FAST Chair (Amanda Pannone) (access to more money)


  • Grievance Chair (Deb Phillips) – nothing to report  
  • Membership Chair: 3 new PS members (aides) and 1 new nurse at the MS; encourage them to come to events and include them in your UTEA conversations 


  • Negotiations Chair (Kate Bender) – update on aides salary negotiations
    • Meet with Neg team and BOE in June (dates TBA)


Reports of Rep. Council Members


  • Aides (Christine Perro and Donna Scherer) – no report 


  • Secretaries (Gina Johnson) – no report 


  • Interpreters (Meredith Fitzgerald) – no report 


Reports of VPs and Teacher Rep. Council Members


  • Primary School
    • Thank you to PRIDE for Glow and Grow in March 


  • Elementary School
    • Thank you to PRIDE for AMazing RACE (academic based fun games for families) 
    • AIDES situations seems to be better and BSI not pulled as much now that the 2 permanent subs
    • 4th grade Tournament of Books in March and Reading Fun Day for 4th grade in May


  • Middle School
    • Winter Leadership – encourage all to attend 
    • Xs and Os of leadership session: geared to Rep Council Members
      • handed out maps to all members and after Rep meetings, divvy up building and create depts and have 1:1 conversations with the membership ; informs where dues money is going etc
      • Workshops sponsored by NJEA through Membership; survey for next year to tell what kind of workshops they are interested in to get more PD for members 
      • NJEA paying for these PD activities
      • As a Rep Council Member you can be an advocate for anyone w/ Weingarten  -have njea come to meeting advocacy training 
      • Bi lawsand constitution need up[dating every 3 years and NJEA can help ; need it to work for culture 
      • Should have binders not virtual 


Old (Unfinished) Business 

  • Communication maps of each building are complete
  • Rep. Council binders

New Business 

  • BOE members want to be back in the buildings to help make better decisions Faculty Council – if issues are not resolved, we can invite Board Members to attend, but please inform principal  – they want to be involved in possible solutions 
  • SCIP meeting: Plan PD and mental / emotional health for kids need to be better planned for students; Mental Health and Classroom management PD requested from Co Presidents 
    • Discussion on lack of leadership with Curriculum Leader 
    • No training in FP and Fundations for new teachers ; lack of consistency 
  • Scholarships/ 8th grade awards  – TABLED
  • Spring Workshops for UTEA members  – see flier (March 15, April 18, May 17) 
  • Social Event ideas for Spring – Friday prior to Spring Break event is in the works
  • Staff Member for a Day program – last week in May 
    • BOE members need to spend a day with the aides and see why we want them to receive more pay
    • NJEA Staff Member for a Day (BOE member shadow a few members during the day)
  • Open a “store” to get members new shirts BSN Sports Union Shirt for us and will put at diff price points (short and long sleeve etc) and go up $2 each item and kick money into Phil. Purchase 1st shirt for new members 


  • Scholarship Chair – Michelle Inserra
  • PRIDE Chair – Jen Phifer
  • FAST Chair – Amanda Pannone
  • Social Media Chairs – PS: Rita Garrison and Krista Iannone, ES: Michelle Drewnowski, MS: – ??
  • Philanthropy Chairs – Alyssa Randazzo and Lauren Smith? Need to be confirmed

Member Concern: 

IEP day email – pick a day and find your own sub or day won’t work out was perception and might have to pull your sub if they need coverage elsewhere 

** maybe put the IEP writing day in the contract 

Have a day in spring for PD day where teachers talk to next grade level 


5:  17  PM  Newman/ Philips